Advanced SRM Training -
Inside the account managers' head

Decode the motivations, drivers and methods used by supplier’s account managers to proactively take the lead in developing collaborative, value creating business relationships with key suppliers.

Learning objectives

  • Develop supplier ‘IQ’ in order to know the account team at a deeper level
  • Broaden the focus beyond the ‘mechanics’ of supplier management to proactively find opportunities 
  • Use behaviors that manage and facilitate the supplier relationship more proactively, owning the relationship 
  • Appreciate the sales perspective on pricing, bundling and margin
  • Engage and influence the account team to build better rapport
  • Keep suppliers motivated, aligned to your goals and performing 
  • Achieve a balance between challenging performance, using constructive tension

Who is this course for? Designed for supplier managers, supplier relationship owners and vendor managers. This is an intermediate/advanced level training program for supplier managers who already have an awareness of contract and performance management of suppliers.

How is this training delivered? This is an instructor led virtual course structured around a series of six 90 minute webinars delivered at two week intervals. The webinars are accompanied by purpose written reference materials plus on-the job assignments with templates. 

Course price: $1,800 per person

Course schedule

Session 1 - SRM foundation
Monday November 11, 3:30pm EST

Session 2 - The SRM perspective on contract, performance and risk management
Monday November 18, 3:30pm EST

Session 3 - Driving collaboration through joint account planning
Monday November 25, 3:30pm EST

Session 4 - Influence, trust and communication skills
Monday December 2, 3:30pm EST

Session 5 - Implementing value release programs
Monday December 9, 3:30pm EST

Session 6 - Stimulating and managing supplier innovation
Monday December 16, 3:30pm EST