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Whilst the definition of "value" varies from one organisation to another, operating in a commercial world requires a demonstration of tangible, commercial value to shareholders and business owners. However, the best supplier management programmes go beyond this, incorporating other forms of value that connect to the business's broader objectives.

Before investing, the main question C-level executives want an answer to is what value can be gained from a supply management technology program?

Part 1 - Getting executive buy-in to invest in supplier management

At State of Flux, we're no strangers to this question. The journey to investment begins with a value proposition, the basis for creating a business case to secure executive buy-in and therefore access to required resources. So whether you're just beginning your journey or whether you're ready to start delivering tangible and transparent value, in all its forms, we have the resources to help secure an investment in supplier management.

Non-financial benefits include:

54%     Reduction in supply chain risk

48%     Improvement in quality and service

40%     Increase in supplier innovation and improvement

Getting executive buy-in to invest in supplier management
Download "Supplier Management at Speed" State of Flux 2020 SRM Research

Buy-in starts with your value proposition - give our team 30 minutes and you'll have a candid, transparent view of how your SRM investment case is likely to perform

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Webinar - Laura Lee, Essex County Council

Find out how local government work with their suppliers and take them on the supplier management journey with them.

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Webinar - Nick Hyner, State of Flux

See how a value proposition and business case can help you convince C-level executives on the value of supplier management.

Part 2 - Creating commercial value in your supplier management journey

Now that you have your value proposition signed-off, what’s next? It’s critically important to target activities with those suppliers that are willing to put the time and effort into working with you. Collaboration sits at the heart of supplier management, helping you and your suppliers to drive commercial value, mitigate risks, and achieve your sustainability goals together.

Emerging criteria for choosing strategic suppliers:

44%     Potential for growth and value creation

42%     Market characteristics

26%     Supplier's unique technological capabilities

Creating commercial value in your supplier management journey
Download "Supplier Management at Speed" State of Flux 2020 SRM Research

The next objective: creating value from your supplier management journey. Connect with our team and let's find the right path to value together.

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Webinar - Daniel Cameron, Quilter

Learn more about Quilter's three-pronged approach to transformation that is driving value within wealth management.

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Webinar - Robert Hoad, State of Flux

Drive objectives with suppliers and highlight where to spend your time – whether with tactical activities or actionable strategy.

Part 3 - The skills and behaviours needed to produce scalable, repeatable value

Supplier management is behavioural in nature, driven by people and their skills, but how do you connect the aspirations of your team with the commercial value of your contracts? At State of Flux we put the team at the heart of the discussion, helping you to acquire and develop the skills that lead to embedded value that can scale as you grow.

Supplier Management people and skills development:

85%     have defined the role

86%     of leaders have invested in training

25%     have taken no steps to develop specific skills

Key elements of the people development process
Download "Supplier Management at Speed" State of Flux 2020 SRM Research

Learn more about our applied learning programmes and baseline your teams' capabilities against our best-in-class skills and behaviour framework.

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Webinar - Craig Jones, Shell

Find out how Shell developed their Supplier Management personnel, creating empathy at pace within their network.
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Webinar - Lucy Harding, Odgers Berndtson

Learn about the skills and behaviours that Odgers Berndtson look for, helping to empower leadership voices and strategic thinking.
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Webinar - Russell Dandie, Premier Oil

Supplier management is a team game - find out how Premier Oil empower their team with one unified goal.