Webinar series
Unlocking the commercial value of Supplier Management in 2021

One of the most frequent challenges we are seeing in current times is the increasing pressure to demonstrate real tangible value from an investment in Supplier Management. The growing pressure is coming from the C-suite, so a sense of urgency exists to demonstrate actual commercial value. Simply providing a list of ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ benefits is no longer enough of a justification for executive-level business leaders.

Join us for this three-part webinar series where we will answer the challenge by bringing together a combination of thought-leaders, best-practices and our own Supplier Management research findings and experience to answer the big question.

Part 1: Understanding the challenge from the C-level perspective

  • Tuesday 2 March: 3.00pm GMT | 10.00am EST
  • Wednesday 10 March: 2.00pm PST
  • Thursday 11 March: 9.00am AEDT | 11.00am NZDT 

Part 2: Creating true, sustainable, commercial value in an SRM journey

  • Tuesday 9 March: 3.00pm GMT | 10.00am EST
  • Wednesday 17 March: 3.00pm PDT
  • Thursday 18 March: 9.00am AEDT | 11.00am NZDT 

Part 3: The skills and behaviours needed to produce scalable, repeatable value

  • Tuesday 16 March: 3.00pm GMT | 11.00am EDT
  • Wednesday 24 March: 3.00pm PDT
  • Thursday 25 March: 9.00am AEDT | 11.00am NZDT