On-demand webinar series
Unlocking the commercial value of Supplier Management in 2021


Procurement functions are under increasing pressure from business leaders to demonstrate the tangible, commercial value they can deliver from investment in Supplier Management.

What is meant by ‘value’ may vary from one organisation to another, but economic value is a given. Operating in a commercial world means the majority need to show shareholders or business owners a clear financial return. The best supplier management programmes, however, go further than that. They incorporate other forms of value that connect to their business’s broader objectives.

A challenge for today’s CPOs is to align with what their organisation is trying to achieve while delivering commercial improvement. Is it reduced risk, increased innovation, environmental or social improvements? Once they have identified this, they need to explore with suppliers how together, they can deliver them.

Hear from our guests speakers on the key topics of understanding the challenge from the C-level perspective, creating true, sustainable, commercial value in an SRM journey and the skills and behaviours needed to produce scalable, repeatable value.