Training enhances stakeholder engagement and adds value to leading global bank.

Operating a complex and regulated environment, our client focuses on increasing value and managing risk in its supply chains through investing in SRM training.

global bank chooses State of Flux as a Training Partner

The Business Challenge

With multiple UK divisions and a wide supplier management community, the client needed to equip its colleagues with the right tools and capabilities to manage suppliers as business requirements changed.

Client operates in a complex and highly regulated industry.

Action: Determining the capabilities of over 140 internal stakeholders and designing a tailored learning programme

What was the approach

State of Flux designed and administered a capability diagnostic survey – the outputs were used to shape an SRM learning programme

Interactive webinars
- 8 x 2 hour sessions
- Designed to build the behavioural skills that are needed to drive collaborative working with their key suppliers

On-the-job assignments
- Use live supplier relationships to deliver results on the job
- Applied Practical approach grounded in reality

One-to-one coaching
- Designed and built-in coaching for each participant
- Assistance for participants in applying their training to live supplier relationships

Benefits Delivered

  • Diagnosis of organisational capability in SRM and delivery of a structured learning programme with direct practical application.

  • Widening of stakeholder engagement in supplier relationships – prompting activities to reduce risk and enhance the customer journey.

  • Recognition of SRM as a skilled profession through colleagues achieving external accreditation of learning with World Commerce and Contracting.
  • Engage suppliers in joint planning and value creation initiatives
  • Assist client in proactively using risk management methods to strengthen their supplier relationships

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The Solution

  • Working in partnership with the business’s Group Sourcing team, State of Flux created a capability diagnostic survey designed to highlight areas for development.  Over 140 colleagues completed the survey - the outputs of which were discussed with the project team and used to shape an SRM learning programme.

  • Originally delivered face-to-face prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the learning programme was easily structured and repurposed into an instructor-led, remotely-delivered programme.

  • The learning programme comprised a series of interactive webinars followed by on-the-job assignments, which enabled colleagues to apply the learning to a ‘live’ supplier relationship.  Throughout the assignment period, learners were supported via one-to-one coaching sessions with the course leader.