Take Control of Your Contracts

How Our Solutions Benefit Our Customers

State of Flux's contract lifecycle management consulting solutions are designed to help our customers improve their contract management practices. Our diagnostic assessment identifies areas for improvement, while our implementation support ensures that the changes are put into action. Our ongoing improvement services provide continued support, ensuring that the customers can effectively manage their contracts and improve their overall business performance. We work closely with our customers to understand their unique needs and tailor our services to meet those needs. By working with us, organisations can be confident that they have a comprehensive and effective contract management system in place.

Contract Lifecycle Management Diagnostic

At State of Flux, we offer a diagnostic service to help organisations identify gaps and areas for improvement in their contract management practices. Our diagnostic includes a full assessment of current practices, input from your team, and a tailored improvement plan. We also have a diagnostic tool that can be customised to your organisation's unique needs. By using our diagnostic service, organisations can improve their contract management system and overall business performance.


Streamline Your Contract Management

We understand the challenges of contract management and the importance of having an organised and efficient process in place. That's why we offer Contract Lifecycle Management services, specifically focusing on contract cleansing and managed services. We believe that your processes, technology, and data should be in place and your team should be trained, which is why we take a comprehensive approach to ensure that everything is running smoothly. Our managed services guarantee that your contracts are easily accessible and organised in a central database, such as our software SupplierBase. We know the pain of not knowing where your contracts are, and we're here to help eliminate that worry. Let us help you streamline your contract management process and keep your business running smoothly.


Implementation Steps for Improving Contract Lifecycle Management

In summary, our approach to contract lifecycle management improvement implementation includes:

  1. Building and executing comprehensive implementation plans
  2. Supporting the implementation of client-specific plans
  3. Creating a clear process supported by robust policies
  4. Up-skilling employees to improve contract management
  5. Effective deployment of tools and technology to enable the process
  6. Addressing specific needs or gaps within the current contract lifecycle management approach
  7. Facilitating and managing the entire implementation initiative to ensure a successful outcome.
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