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Supplier management and supplier performance are critical to businesses. If your role is effectively managing the extended enterprise you need to be really good at it. Being “good at it” means knowing the business of those suppliers is almost better than they know it themselves.

To best serve their own companies - procurement needs to know the supplier’s cost drivers, how to harness innovation, understand risk, and appreciate how best to motivate them to achieve the best performance.

67% of leaders share product and technology roadmaps with suppliers.

79% of companies believe that treating suppliers as part of an extended enterprise reduces risk.

1/5 of them make a point of mapping the supplier journey to understand their experience.

Get more insights in the 2023 SRM Research Report.

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Agility is Key to Success 

In a world where disruption is everywhere, a one-size-fits-all approach will not deliver the required return on investment. Partnering with an organisation that mobilises quickly to respond to your unique requirements is key to your success. 

Founded in 2004, State of Flux is a global procurement and supply chain consultancy with offices in Europe, North America and Australasia. All our services are backed up by research to ensure we can provide the path to delivering repeatable tangible value for you, our customer.

Solutions Fine-Tuned to Your Needs

Wherever you are in your journey, we deliver a suite of scalable and flexible solutions. These range from discrete engagements, such as the Voice of the Supplier surveys, to end-to-end transformational programmes, which can be tailored to your unique needs and budget requirements.

Gaining Value Beyond The Contract

30% and 50% of incremental value anticipated during re-procurement is never delivered due to poor Supplier Management.

Beyond Contract Value 2024

An effective procurement strategy will not only look to attract the right suppliers to secure a contract with incremental value, but will also ensure effective Supplier Management is in place to deliver value beyond the contract.

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We conduct an annual Supplier Management Research Report for the past 16 years. Read the market insights and benchmark against the results.

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