2023 Report Cover

2023 Global SRM Research Report - Extended Enterprise

In addition to providing insights across the six pillars of supplier management, this year's report focuses on the Extended Enterprise, delving into the ever-evolving landscape of supplier relationships and strategies shaping the future of global business. We invite you to explore actionable insights that may empower your organisation in this dynamic environment, along with case studies and engaging articles.

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2022 Report Cover

2022 Global SRM Research Report - Building Resilience

In addition to providing insight across our six pillars of supplier management, this year’s State of Flux report, explores the topic of building resilience within your organisation and supply chain, supported by global research, interviews, and case studies from international organisations.

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Publications - Collaborative Supplier Innovation (Y)

Collaborative Supplier Innovation – Unlocking the benefits

For many organisations, supplier-enabled innovation remains a prized yet elusive goal. This paper aims to help firms overcome the innovation gap, more effectively:

  • Drive innovation focussed on key business challenges.
  • Engage key supply partners in creating new value through innovation.
  • Achieve measurable results, and solid ROI.
  • Build confidence and capability in leading agile innovation with suppliers.
  • Contribute to a positive and enabling cultural shift, on both sides of the relationship.
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Publications - Stimulating & Managing Supplier Innovation (C)

SRM: Stimulating and Managing Supplier Innovation

This white paper is written for supplier relationship managers to help them create an environment where suppliers are actively bringing new ideas to the table and then screening, selecting and managing those ideas having true joint value potential through to delivery.

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Publication - Segmenting For Value (G)

SRM: Segmenting for Value

In this paper we aim to show the approach we use to uncover the supplier relationships that have the potential to deliver real value. When it comes to SRM specifically, the aim is to identify the suppliers where the extra time and effort of SRM will deliver benefits. Segmentation is an important subject because it sets the stage for effective governance, and, in turn, the treatment strategy that is used with each supplier.

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Publication - Inside The Buyers Head (B)

Inside the Buyers’ Head

This white paper is written for sales leaders, account managers and sales specialists to help them understand the way their customers' procurement teams operate. Download this report to learn how to build relationships and sell to procurement.

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Article - 100-Day Plan

The Crucial Role of a 100-Day Supplier Management Review for a New Chief Procurement Officer

Stepping into the role of Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) is both an honour and a challenge. The success of a CPO can significantly impact the organisation's bottom line, efficiency, and overall competitiveness. Recognising the importance of Supplier Management, a new CPO should prioritise a 100-day plan to review and strengthen these crucial relationships from the outset, aiming to position procurement as the "customer of choice," as emphasised in State of Flux's annual Supplier Management research.

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Article - Head of SM

Defining The Role “Head of Supplier Management” For Your Company

In almost 20 years helping clients to make Supplier Management successful, we have learnt that it is crucial to get the right person for the head of Supplier Management role, but not only this, equally important is making sure you have set them up for success. Too often we have seen heads of Supplier Management appointed because they have done a good job managing one or two large complex relationships or been good at managing procurement systems and processes so it would seem a good fit to expand their role. In our experience, to make Supplier Management work in an organisation, it needs to be supported by a business change programme which is led by procurement but is not a procurement change programme. So how do you establish the role and the programme for a successful outcome?

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2021 Report Cover

2021 Global SRM Research Report - Growing and Protecting Value

For the past 16years, our supplier management specialists have gathered and analysed more insight and data about global supplier management than anyone else in the field - this year is no different.

In this year’s report you'll discover how to grow and nurture value in extensive detail, supported by global research, interviews and case studies from leading international organisations.

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2020 Report Cover

2020 Global SRM Research Report - Supplier Management at Speed

The events of 2020 have been unprecedented. We have seen countries, businesses and, most importantly, people facing huge challenges. However, after just a few weeks it became evident that people and businesses were able to rise to the challenge and adapt rapidly. 
When we started compiling this report we thought that by its publication date we would be talking about Covid-19 in the past tense. However, it remains with us and is revealing new challenges every day. None of us can accurately predict the outcome, but it’s clear the cost in economic terms will continue to rise. However, even in the midst of this uncertainty we need to think how we will respond longer term and consider how we will rebuild and emerge stronger.
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2019 Report Cover

2019 Global SRM Research Report - Harnessing and Growing Supplier Innovation

Innovation was for the first time cited as a top-3 driver for more strategic and collaborative supplier management this year. More firms are increasingly recognising the critical untapped value that supplier-enabled innovation can bring to help drive growth, but why are there so few firms able to capitalise on it?
As new technologies and economic challenges threaten businesses around the world, there has never been a greater need for supplier innovation to help secure the opportunities that come with the territory. In such a world, procurement should not be known only for running RFPs and administering contracts. We can all learn from the experience of the companies we have brought together in this report. Now is the time to start applying the lessons.
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2018 Report Cover

2018 Global SRM Research Report - Nurturing Growth in a New Climate

Sustainable SRM was chosen as our theme for this year’s report for two reasons. Firstly, organisations are under increasing pressure to become more sustainable, and in most cases the majority of the social and environmental impact comes through suppliers.  Only by managing relationships with them can we improve practice through the value chain.

Secondly, if supplier relationship management is the route to more sustainable business, as well as other benefits, is it important to embed it in day-to-day business practice.
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2017 Report Cover

2017 Global SRM Research Report - Solving the Value Puzzle

With digital technologies transforming markets and relationships, all companies are alert to disruption. Organisations know the way to compete is by innovation and collaboration. With an entrepreneurial approach to SRM, Procurement can make a big impact. It can find suppliers to collaborate with, form relationships and use these to innovate at speed. This research will share insights that will help you accelerate growth and grasp new opportunities from supplier relationships.

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2016 Report Cover

2016 Global SRM Research Report - Supplier Relationships in the New Technology Landscape

Fortune global 500 businesses are missing out on potential savings, increased revenue and improved efficiencies worth an estimated $550 billion or approximately a third increase in profit. This eighth edition of the report includes case studies from businesses such as Mars, Ladbrokes, Telstra and AIB, all of which show how a systematic approach to SRM can save money and foster innovation.

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2015 Report Cover

2015 Global SRM Research Report - The Business of Supplier Relationships

The 2015 SRM research has found there is a direct correlation between companies that are leading in supplier relationship management and strong senior backing. 46% of leading companies say that SRM has the support of their top executives.

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2014 Report Cover 2

2014 Global SRM Research Report - The Journey to Customer of Choice

The 2014 SRM report focuses on customer of choice and the need for companies to develop a better understanding and awareness of the importance of being a good customer. We delve into how to define customer of choice and map a path to achieving it. 

The customer of choice theme emerged from a couple of key findings. SRM is increasingly focusing on developing collaborative relationships to deliver more value. The leaders who are aligning their SRM programmes to the value drivers of the business are achieving more post-contract financial benefits. They also continue to be almost twice as likely to be receiving customer of choice benefits.  
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2013 Report Cover

2013 Global SRM Research Report - Six Pillars for Success

The 2013 SRM report is now out and shows that SRM leaders are twice as likely to be receiving financial benefits of 8% or more. They are also twice as likely to be receiving customer of choice type benefits such as supplier innovations, access to best supplier resource, and joint product or service development.

Fill in your details below to read the executive summary and the report.

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Publications - Research Report 2012

2012 SRM Research Report: Voice of The supplier - A Step Closer to Mutual Benefit

Despite the challenging economic environment, this 2012 research shows that the leaders in this field are enjoying an increased level of benefit and more return on their efforts than ever.

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Publications - LexisNexis

Spotting the early warning signs of a company’s impending financial collapse

This white paper from LexisNexis and State of Flux investigates how the systematic monitoring of a company’s news coverage can enhance more traditional financial monitoring techniques.

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Publications - eSourcing

2012 eSourcing Report

This report provides a good picture of the state of eSourcing in 2012, along with insights, benchmarking data and ideas to help you launch, establish and develop best-in-class eSourcing in your organisation.

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Publications - 2012 Research Report Greece

2012 Procurement and Supply Chain Management Research Report -  Greece

While the origins of the Greek economic crisis can be traced back several decades, it has been the past couple of years that have really seen Greece bearing the full force of a recessionary storm.

Procurement and supply chain management practices, when appropriately implemented, can deliver results that go directly to the top and bottom lines, mitigate risks and help to build the basis for sustainable investment and growth.

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Publications - COVID19 Part 1

COVID-19 Safe Supplier Operating Standard - Part One

"From a procurement and supply chain perspective, the disruption is immense because COVID-19 is unprejudiced, affecting every geography, industry, and sector".

In Part One we breakdown the key themes that COVID-19 has brought to the surface over the last 18 months, as well as how to implement supplier management at speed.

  • Learn more about the seven key risks that you can address to prevent interruptions from another pandemic-type event.
  • Discover how to accelerate value from your supplier relationships delivering rapid results even in the midst of a pandemic.
  • Find out how supplier management technology can be a key enabler for increased value, less risk and more transparency in your supply chain.
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Publications - COVID19 Part 2

COVID-19 Safe Supplier Operating Standard - Part Two

"If the global economy is to recover and move forward, procurement and supply chain need to reinvent supplier relationships to be more collaborative at all levels."

In part two we present The Safe Supplier Operating Standard, designed to gauge your supplier's health and viability, and facilitate the discussion and application of safe working practices.

  • Download The Safe Supplier Operating Standard and learn how it can help embed best practice and provide a focus for joint planning activities.
  • From workforce health to financial viability; stay on-top of the challenges ahead with a clear approach to operations in a COVID world.
  • Facilitate transparency across your supplier relationships and build more resilience in your supply chain.

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