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The Contracts module provides a central repository for information and documentation, enabling effective contract management processes. Capture critical contract metadata, at parent and child levels, to trigger automated actions and workflows at critical points within the contract lifecycle with a fully auditable version and action trail.


  • End-to-end contract creation and management, including signature and approval process.
  • Capture, search, browse and report on supplier contracts.
  • Automate checking of contractual obligations and key milestone activities.
  • Mass data upload and integration capabilities to improve efficiency within the contract management process.
  • Fully auditable contract version histories.
SupplierBase - Contracts module


SupplierBase - Contracts Management

A key feature within the Contract module is the Contract Approval Workflow where users are able to tailor the process to amend, review and approve contracts, promoting collaboration and transparency between key stakeholders.

An organised and reportable contract management tool is essential to drive value in line with contractual obligations, reduce costs, and mitigate contractual risk.

  • Amend, review, and approve contracts in SupplierBase.
  • Highly configurable process with the ability to apply specific conditions at each stage of the process.
  • Configure questions to identify key stakeholder groups that should be included within the approval process.
  • Zoho integration for the online editing on the contract.
  • Docusign integration for online signatories.