The skills of negotiation you need to build long-term value for your business


A commercially aware approach to negotiation should consider and build upon both the buy-side and sell-side perspectives of planning, preparing and developing a strategic supplier relationship. This is essential to avoid negotiating in a way that will ultimately erode value. In this learning programme, we examine the skills and structure of negotiation that are needed to build better trust, collaboration and long-term value for the business, for stakeholders and for a stronger supply chain.

Benefits Delivered

> Drive value through category strategy and planning.
> Ensure best-in-class sourcing project performance.
> Release value in strategic supplier relationships.

Suggested participants

This training is designed for those who are responsible for leading or supporting negotiations with strategic suppliers (or to-be strategic suppliers) and is suitable for:

Category Managers, Sourcing specialists and supplier managers.


This training is available in both on-site workshops and instructor-led virtual delivery formats:

> On-site workshop: 1 day
> Virtual delivery: 4 x 90-minute instructor-led webinars.

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Learning Objectives

As a result of completing the training. Participants will be able to:

  • Map the multi-dimensional components of strategic negotiation by considering utility, time, risk, value creation, contractual and pricing components.
  • Describe how trust, collaborative behaviour and value are created within the negotiation context.
  • Undertake pre-negotiation research and identify sell-side negotiation drivers and objectives.
  • Plan and conduct negotiations that uncover the full value potential of a strategic supplier relationship.
  • Translate negotiated outcomes into effective contract, performance, risk and relationship management outcomes.
  • Identify and apply the behaviours that enable a collaborative and productive supplier relationship.

Course Content

The key themes and topics covered by this course are as follows:

MODULE 1: Mapping negotiable value.

MODULE 2: Planning and conducting strategic negotiations.

MODULE 3: Behavioural perspectives of negotiation, typical negotiation tactics and how to neutralise them.

MODULE 4: Delivering post-negotiation value.

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Value Graphic

How is it delivered?

Our approach to this training is to examine and follow the timeline of a typical strategic negotiation scenario to identify the success factors and what can (and often does) go wrong.

To make the content relevant and engaging, we can tailor the example negotiation scenario to your industry's context.

What you will get?

To support the programme delivery we provide accompanying reference materials and negotiation planning and value mapping templates.

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Leading global bank

Leading global bank chooses State of Flux  as a training partner

Training enhances stakeholder engagement and adds value to leading global banks.

Operating in a complex and regulated environment, our client focuses on increasing value and managing risk in its supply chains through investing in SRM training.

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