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A capability assessment provides an indication of the team's ability to deliver business value effectively, referenced to a best practice model. The output of this activity can allow individual and team development plans to be produced.

Suggested participants

Category managers, category specialists, sub-category managers and procurement professionals are responsible for a significant level of spend. 


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Why conduct a capability assessment?

A capability assessment provides an indication of the ability of the team to deliver business value in an effective way, referenced to a best practices model. The output of this activity can allow individual and team development plans to be produced. We can draw upon our best practice-based competency framework to rapidly prepare a tailored capability that matches your specific context and needs.

What competency areas can we address?

Our approach allows the capability assessment to focus on the detailed elements of every strategic procurement process stage,  and this maps exactly to our training curriculum.

The approach

We use two complementation data-gathering methods when undertaking a competency/capability assessment:

An online competency survey. This uses situational questions and a combination of response mechanisms to evaluate how respondents would deal with typical ‘day-in-the-life’ scenarios. These can be tailored to a client-specific context to be seen as relevant. The survey takes approximately 30-40 minutes to complete. We also ask people to rate their own ability for each competency area.

Interview-based competency assessments. These are grounded in the same competency framework as the survey and last for no longer than 90 minutes per respondent. Interview-based assessments are best suited to covering a small number of senior team members.

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What are the Deliverables?

The key output from completing a competency survey is an individual report. This shows and contrasts the situational and self-rating scores for each of the competencies. These can also be plotted against minimum target values for each job role or function competency.

We also provide a team capability heat map that shows the results for a group of respondents in a single, consolidated view, allowing strengths and common development needs to be easily identified.


Competency Assessment

How are the competencies defined?

How do we measure competency?

Each competency area in our survey is tested using a situational question – asking the Respondent what they would do in response to a day-in-the-life scenario. This approach is effective because:

  1. It avoids the trap of the competency survey becoming a knowledge test
  2. It allows tailoring of the survey by using relevant, realistic scenarios that portray
    your industry context

Leading global bank

Leading global bank chooses State of Flux  as a training partner

Training enhances stakeholder engagement and adds value to leading global banks.

Operating in a complex and regulated environment, our client focuses on increasing value and managing risk in its supply chains through investing in SRM training.

Specialised Training and Development Offerings

Category Management Training
Description: Develop the skills to drive a value creating category strategy.
Supplier Management Training
Description: Develop and create new value though your most important supplier relationships.
Supply Chain Risk Training
DescriptionProtect value with a practical and structured approach to proactively manage risk.
Negotiation Training
Description: Examine the skills of negotiation you need to build better long-term value for your business.
Account Management Training
Description: Understand how to sell to procurement teams; how they buy and how they manage suppliers.
Diversity and Inclusion Training
Description: Understand why supplier diversity can help unlock innovation and agility, and improve ESG credentials.
Strategic Sourcing Training
Description: Develop and apply the skills to source strategically and deliver a value-creating supplier to the business.
Procurement Behaviour Training
Description: Learn the behavioural skills that "make" a supplier relationship, or "break it".
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