Maximise Your Return on Supplier Relationships

"Supplier Management has moved beyond mere price negotiation and delivery punctuality to a profound shift towards establishing meaningful, strategic partnerships with suppliers" Alan Day, Chairman and Founder at State of Flux.

In light of these changes, the unique theme of the 16th Global SRM Research is 'Return on Relationships'.

Are you getting return on your relationships?

  • How much, and how effectively, do you engage and collaborate with your suppliers?

  • What value do you each derive from the relationship, and do you have the right people in place to do this?

  • Finally, what governance and technology are you using to support the successful operation of your supplier management?

The 2024 SRM Research explores what companies are currently doing to work towards a relationship-first approach. What is working well and what still needs to be done to achieve stronger supplier relationships. Relationships that deliver more than just financial benefits to the organisation, such as risk mitigation, cost optimisation and access to new innovation and products.

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